Our people

Couple of days before russian speaker policmen beated ethiopian speaker soldier while soldier was standing on the street.

The ex-policmen argued that he wanted to secure the soldier and thats why he neaded to use a force.

Actually there was a camera and it captured the brutality of russian.

I don’t understand why people that speak russian as native language and were born in Russia or USSR are allowed to serve in police or government office. There was not even once when the help of russian speaker government clerk was helpfull for me. I think there should not be russian speakers in police and municipality or ministry of foreign affairs or ministry of internal affairs or Knesset. Actually I think that there should be only people that were born in Israel or at least immigrants until the age of 6. Because in most countries this is the age when kids go to school and take all government propoganda.

So today I was back from our office and seen this huge amount of people marching towards residents of prime minister.

Suddenly I heard silence of fireworks and then realize that it was gaz bombs.

I think Israel government should kick out all police head officers immideately, build fast trains to Beer Sheva and make prices for the tikets there not high than a price in city bus in Tel Aviv. The next step is special courses for ethiopians to prepare them to high school (my parent pay for teacher and i took three different courses to get to university because it was obviouse to me that I have to). And there should not be any russians in Israel police. And Netaniau should retire.

So I got my first gaz breath and it was cool.

Very pretty girls in police and very pretty girls among demonstrants make my day.

Here it is. This is the place I almost everyday go home. I was far away from demonstration. It’s not looks like something different at all. I was standing there and got gaz in my face without any announcment.

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