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Artem Loskutov and fellows

In doubt

Artem Loskutov organised manifestation “in doubt”

In doubt about legitimacy of Putin presidency

The choice was done

The choice was done

Final celebration of fascists government when Putin oficially became fascists dictator.

Nobody came to celebration except of protestors and police.

The actors have to stop the perfomance and police cleaned the square.

Two years after Russia attack Ukraina.


"League of voters" in NIIKUDA

Opposition activists from Moscow visits Novosibirsk and University City.

Among them famous author Dmitry Bikov and novosibirsk stend up comedy actress 

Siberian flag on manifestation

Putin have to go - united manifestation

At hot siberian saturday  (-18˚C– -20˚C)  there was a manifestation in Novosibirsk agains Putin and his party and falsifications of the vote.

According to journalists there was from 1500 to 2000 participants.

There were also siberian regionals, russian nationalists, kommunists and more and more.