Monstration is him, is she, it’s You, its’ all of us

Monstration is him, is she, it’s You, its’ all of us

There’s dust in the streets
The streets are clean!
– The canals are empty right there.
The canals are full of lavender wine!
– It’s dead..

“It’s alive! Oh, you’re quite wrong. See all the carnival lights? There are beautiful boats as slim as women, beautiful women as slim as boats, women the color of sand, women with fire flowers in their hands. I can see them, small, running in the streets there. That’s where I’m going now, to the festival; we’ll float on the waters all night long; we’ll sing, we’ll drink, we’ll make love, Can’t you see it?”

“Mister, that city is dead as a dried lizard. Ask any of our party.
Ray Bradbury. The Martian Chronicles

Black Hundreds from rehabilitation clinic

Black Hundreds from rehabilitation clinic

Russian government took the german nazi tacticts of street struggle: paying money for marginals to catch the streets and not let normal to manifestate and also make the marginal voice mainstreem.

Go to the church

Go to the church

The last pensioners demonstration during the pensioners riots in Novosibirsk for their rights.

Artem Loskutov and fellows

In doubt

Artem Loskutov organised manifestation “in doubt”

In doubt about legitimacy of Putin presidency

The choice was done

The choice was done

Final celebration of fascists government when Putin oficially became fascists dictator.

Nobody came to celebration except of protestors and police.

The actors have to stop the perfomance and police cleaned the square.

Two years after Russia attack Ukraina.